Is it wrong to keep baby away during Flu Season?

Is it wrong to keep baby away during Flu Season?

It’s common for babies to catch cold viruses in their first year of life, but that doesn’t help us or our babies feel any better about it.

As I sit here nursing a sick and cranky Noah to sleep, all I can think of is “how did I let this happen to my poor little baby”? It’s only November and Noah is already on his second cold. His first being 5 months old and now 7 months, both of which he’s contacted from someone outside the home.

So what can we do?

I kept thinking of what I should and should not have done to protect my child. I had no idea it would be so hard to keep sick people away from my very new and very small baby. Some people think being sick is “normal”; he’ll be okay all babies get sick, he has to get sick in order to build immunity, he may not even get sick, it’s bound to happen anyway, no point in fighting it…except there is!

Babies are too young to fight for themselves so we must fight for them, even if that means turning into mama bear for the first year of their life…and after! It’s not okay to openly or knowingly introduce germs and viruses to your little one so that they may gain immunity from it, they’ll have many chances for that once school starts and there’s no way to help it. But! As long as there’s a way to protect them now, why shouldn’t we??

We can stop protecting other people’s feelings…

I’m very compassionate towards others feelings, so I don’t like being mean or rude to people, after all they’re family, they just wanna see my sweet little baby, they surely can’t stay away! (But even if they’re sick🤔)

I miss my family just as much, but flu season is also back to school season for the older children and daycare for the toddlers. Meaning more kids will get sick, even the kids I love spending time with such as nieces, nephews, cousins, etc…

What I don’t love is the helpless little cry, runny little nose and warm forehead of my little one, while he’s battling a virus that he’s simply to young to fight off. I just can’t stress enough, that our germs have a much greater affect on our infants. What makes us feel miserable, makes them feel much worse and they can’t even communicate to us, in many ways, what’s wrong.

And start protecting our babies as much as we can

So what does that mean for us “so-called”, paranoid moms? November-April is full blown mama bear season!

NO! It’s not mean to protect your baby by keeping them away from those who aren’t careful enough to stay away themselves, while sick, or wash their hands before handling, even if they aren’t sick. This doesn’t mean, our babies will never get sick, but if they do catch a virus, we’ll comfort them and feel better knowing we did what we could, to help lower their risks.

Unfortunately, there will still be someone who just doesn’t understand the method to our madness, but I believe it’s necessary. So to the sad mama who feels bad for her sick baby, YOU’RE NOT ALONE and it’s okay to be stingy right now! It’s #mamabearseason

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