My natural birth story!

My natural birth story!

The day we met Noah Jay❤

That morning…

April 11th 2019, little one wasn’t supposed to come until April 27th, but Thursday morning my doctor’s office called around 8am asking if I could come in for my weekly check up at 11:30am instead of the following Friday morning. Once I got there I expressed to her, I didn’t think labor was near and was afraid of being induced, so she decided to check my cervix to see if I’d dilated any.

My water broke!!!

While checking, she looked up at me with a surprised face and said, “that’s weird…I think your water broke, check the time”. It was 12:12pm when she removed her hand, and sure enough, my water had broken on the table and I was 1cm dilated, 67% effaced. I instantly got nervous as she told me I had some time, “she thought” so I left the office, went home to let hubby shower, and tried to eat while bouncing on the ball.

Contractions began

I hadn’t any contractions throughout the entire pregnancy and my water broke during an exam, so we thought it’d be a while before contractions started and that I’d have to be induced with castor oil (since the birthing center doesn’t use medicine interventions). Anyhow, got home, sent hubby out for a few things around 12:45pm and at 1pm contractions started while on the ball! By 1:30 they were 5 minutes apart, so we packed the car and headed to the birthing center.

We checked into the birthing center

We checked in at 2:45pm and by 3pm I was 3cm dilated. I labored 1 hour in the recliner, 1.5 hours on the ball and walking around, then once contractions got closer and more intense, I moved to the shower. I sat on a chair, straddle position, facing the chair back, while my husband stood in the shower and sprayed my stomach and back with warm water, we did that for almost 2 hours (it was the only pain relief I had) until I felt pressure and told my midwife the pressure was pretty intense, so she checked me.

Active Labor, contractions intensify

When my midwife came into the shower room to measure my cervix,I was only 5cm dilated at 6pm 😟😭 I started to cry, because there was no way, as bad as the pain was. So she said I could try the hot tub, we got out the shower and onto the bed, lying on my side, while the tub filled up…it took forever and the bed was the ABSOLUTE WORST labor position, so I tried the ball again. The pressure was so much more intense, that I couldn’t sit without feeling like I was sitting on baby’s head.

Now, contractions were 1 minute apart and I couldn’t find any comfort so I got in the tub while the water was still running, Clovis (my husband) sat behind me and rubbed my back holding me so I wouldn’t drown lol, I kept saying “this pressure is too much it hurts!” my midwife looked like she wasn’t sure if I was being dramatic…[we were taught in class active labor lasts 4-8 hours average to go from 5-10 centimeters, yet it had only been 1.5 hours since I measured at 5cm].

Full Dilation

Two contractions later and I looked at my mom and said, “I’m pushing”, (and I was) they didn’t believe me until I said, “I’m not sure if this is baby, but something’s getting ready to come out”. At that point, Clovis was like “oh no, we should get out” and the midwife was like “you HAVE TO get out” but I didn’t want to, the tub jets felt awesome and I’d only been in 5 minutes! Third contraction came and I couldn’t, not push so I said “okay yeah I have to get out right now”, they helped me out, I went to the bed and she checked me, FINALLY I was completely dilated to 10cm!

The birth of our baby

I started to cry again, because I was scared and nervous to start pushing. Contractions were about 30 seconds apart and it felt like my baby was trying to break out from every way, but the doctor wasn’t there yet, so they wouldn’t let me push…[terrible and agitating pain], they literally said “hold it in”…huh? I repeated stared at the door and once the ob came into the room, I cried tears of relief!

Pushing was the easiest part (so it seemed), and soon came Noah Jay, at 8:31pm. His dad saw the entire process and started to cry once he came out, Noah self-attached to the breast and fed for 2 hours ❤ My entire experience was amazing!! Totaling 5 hours of labor pain, no interventions, and no pain medication, whew!


My midwives were amazing and so was Clovis! I couldn’t have done it without them. The bond that I felt with my husband that day, was like no other, some moments I would look up at him for reassurance and he’d assure me that he had me, I’m doing great and everything would be okay.

Also funny thing, our little one actually came in the labor time frame we told him to. In birthing class they told us to pick a time we want to labor and how we’d want labor to start and progress and tell it to baby in the womb, each night or during quiet time. I specifically gave him an 8 hour time frame, after breakfast, before dinner and before bed time.

People laughed at me when I told them this and kept saying “yeah okay, you think that’ll actually work, baby does what he wants, labor has it’s own plan”. Though, I can honestly say I felt everything went as planned and I’m truly blessed and thankful giving all grace to God above!

I regret not taking more pics, but I labored in my birthday suit majority of the time🙄🤷🏽‍♀️.

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