Finding patience in motherhood

Finding patience in motherhood

Becoming a mother has definitely taught me patience amongst many other things. I used to pray daily for patience. In fact the lack of it, was why I feared I was unprepared to become a mother. That is why finding patience in motherhood was important to me.

Finding patience in motherhood through experience.

Parenting is one of those things you’re never really quite prepared for until you experience it. Of all the “what to expect” and motherhood books I read, none of them taught me as much as my own child has. In just 9 months, I’ve learned many of the personal development skills that I’d often prayed for. Patience being the most impactful.

Pregnancy can feel like a waiting game.

From the moment of conception, everything becomes a waiting game. First it’s waiting for a missed menstrual cycle, then waiting for the right time to take the test and tell your partner. Next your impatiently waiting for morning sickness and first trimester exhaustion to pass.

I remember wanting so badly to know the gender of my baby and by the time I made it to the third trimester, I was just ready to meet him. The last few months seemed like forever! Impatient is an understatement to how felt.

Labor timing can be unpredictable.

Asside from pregnancy, the labor itself is another experience that taught me to be patient. No one ever knows how long labor will be. Therefore, we have to patiently endure the pain and anxiety until the time comes to push. Once its all over and your sweet baby enters the world, you’re probably thinking “finally”, as you’re felt with relief. It feels like you’ve made it to the finish line.

Yet, it has only just began! Once you become a parent, there’s no timeline. You’re officially a mom/dad for life. That means life can become amazingy unpredictable.

Caring for a newborn requires patience.

Take bedtime for instance. You can’t wait for your baby to sleep so you can get some rest, eat, shower or catch up on unfinished work. Except, as soon as you lay your little one down, they stir and wake again.

It is recommended that once your baby falls asleep, you wait another 20 minutes for them to enter an even deeper sleep before placing them in the crib. So, set asside 20 minutes to nurse or feed, 20 minutes or more to comfort them to sleep and another 20 minutes to be sure they are sound asleep. That’s an hour to get baby down.

Finding patience promotes calmness and stability in motherhood.

When babies aren’t sleeping they’re either eating, playing or wanting to be entertained and cuddled. Sometimes it’s hard to know what they want to do next. That’s where we patiently try to recognize different cues to figure it out. If we aren’t patient, we can instead, become very frustrated and overwhelmed.

It doesn’t get easier, we just get better.

Once they get older, they start to sleep more independently and for longer. Although, then comes temper tantrums, potty training, learning to bicycle and eventually puberty! Finding patience is a must and naturally, somewhere down the line, you get really good at it.

Sometimes, motherhood means putting things on hold…just for a bit.

Practically everything I do is on baby’s timing. I try not to plan my own day out too precisely, because it pretty much revolves around him. There are times when I want to just write, tidy my home, make a meal, pamper myself or spend time with my husband, but have to wait until I’m actually free. This is something I knew nothing of before becoming a mom. I did whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to do it and went wherever, whenever.

Accepting that things are different now.

I’ve always been a pretty impatient person and didn’t like waiting for anything or anyone. I recall being pregnant and putting much of my baby’s nursery together alone to avoid waiting until my husband was free from work. Furthermore, I got out of store lines, canceled online orders and complained at restaurants if the wait was too long. Waiting was never an option, until it became the “only” option.

Cherish every moment of motherhood.

Now, I appreciate every moment of every day. I cherish time spent with my family and our sweet baby boy. Most days, I wish to slow down, before my baby grows up too fast in front of me. I’m definitely in no rush to see him get older. I even fear the day he no longer wants to be held tight.

It’s almost as if time had little meaning before my son was born into my life. Now, I’m learning how precious time truly is. Not only has motherhood taught me to be patient with timing, but also, I’ve become preceptive of it.

The greatest gift of all

Waiting can be truly beneficial and rewarding in the end. I am learning that timing and patience is everything. After all, they say “the best things in life are worth waiting for”. I waited 9 months for the greatest gift of all!

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