Family Thanksgiving Traditions

Family Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving traditions your family will love sharing!

It’s that time again, my favorite time of the year! I LOVE the holiday season, it’s the perfect time to light a fire, watch the snowfall, put up decorations, bake sweet, holiday treats, drink hot chocolate, and spread holiday cheer, there’s so much joy this time of year!

But, before we pull out the Christmas cheer, we must not forget about Thanksgiving, the time to feast and be thankful!

Last year around this time I recall being Thankful that I’d just began my second trimester and was finally able to eat normal again, just in time for Thanksgiving dinner! Although I wasn’t up for cooking myself, my husband and I were able to enjoy dinner at our parent’s house.

This year will be a little different…With Noah getting over his first cold of the season, I plan to keep him warm and inside. Also, this is Noah’s FIRST Thanksgiving and for that reason, I really want to make it special.

So, here are a few traditions I plan to introduce to my family this year;

1. Harvest Decorations
Since we will be spending the entire day inside, I’ve decided to put up a few decorations the week before Thanksgiving day. A nice harvest table cloth, a candle, some flowers and pretty dinnerware should be enough to make a difference. You could also find some wall decor at your local home store or even a few thankful quotes at the dollar store.

2. Matching ‘Jammies’ and movie night

The night before is really important, this is when I’ll begin to prepare some of our holiday dinner. I like to cook some of my meat, and chop all my veggies the night before to make it easier the following morning. This year, to make it “less boring or tiring” and more fun, I’ll ask my husband to join me for a movie while the food is cooking. This will provide a perfect opportunity for some family bonding and why not capture the moment with a family portrait in matching pjs! JC Penny, Macy’s, Burlington and Amazon all have nice family sets!

3. Thanksgiving Breakfast

Thanksgiving morning will likely start very early, I always begin cooking dinner as soon as I wake, but this year I’d like to include a Thanksgiving breakfast! That way I can enjoy my family and begin the day with what I’m most thankful for.

4. Gospel Music

As I prepare our dinner, listening to some gospel music, really puts me in a “thankful” mood!

5. Pray and give thanks

Taking time to appreciate life and the people in it is a very important part of Thanksgiving for my family. Once dinner is served, go around the table and give each person a chance to name something(s) or someone they’re thankful for this year. After everyone has had a chance to share, say a table grace to bless the food and thank the lord for everyone and all they were given to be thankful for.

6. Show appreciation with a small gift

Whether it be a hug, a kiss, a card or a gift. Another way to give thanks is to share a meaningful present. One idea would be to buy a pack of thank you cards from the store and write a small message for everyone at the table, letting them know you’re thankful to have them in your life. Or, make your message a bit more personal; such as thanking your husband for all of his hard work, thanking your children for helping out with chores or thanking your mom for all of her love and work around the house. You can even put some of the cards in the mail for family and friends that couldn’t attend. I’ll be showing my appreciation this year with thank you cards, a personalized first, Christmas-tree-ornament for Noah and a small, meaningful gift for my Husband.

7. Put up the Christmas tree

And finally, my favorite holiday tradition this year will be decorating our Christmas tree together and helping Noah place the star on the top. In the past, I’ve waited until December to put up the tree, but this year I plan to make this a new Thanksgiving tradition instead!

If you’re planning on sharing any of these Thanksgiving traditions with your family, comment and let me know!

Here’s a list of 20 more Thanksgiving traditions you could try from the ‘Rhythms of Play’ website.

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