Every family has a story welcome to ours
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Every family has a story welcome to ours

Here’s how our story begins…

Workplace story

I was just getting comfortable. I’d started my natural hair business, got my degree in the beauty industry and clientele was on a steady rise. I made my own schedule and my own income. My “freedom” was MINE; to do with it what I want and what I love.

That included teaching dance classes 2-3 days a week and event planning/set up occasionally when I wasn’t behind the chair. I honestly LOVED my work.

Dancing, hair styling and interior design were my favorite hobbies growing up, until they weren’t just hobbies anymore. They made up my career and my income. Making women feel beautiful, THAT was my job.

For some it was getting dolled up in the salon and for others it was staying fit in the dance studio. Not to mention that meant staying fit for me as well. Now I wasn’t looking like Jennifer Lopez (my body goals) 😅, but I was excited about how my body was starting to shape out.

The point here is that life in the workplace was feeling nice ✔

Home and family

Of course, work alone doesn’t define happiness right? What about once you leave work and have to go home?

As for home, we’d just settled into our new home we would be residing in for the next few years (we thought). Most evenings were spent eating ice cream and splitting a foot long coney from “Dairy Whip” with my husband. Nights were spent eating dinner and watching movies together.

Mornings were unpredictable, he’d be heading out for work and I’d be sleeping in before an afternoon client or making a smoothie before an early client and long day at the salon. No morning was really ever the same.

Though, matter what the day had planned, I was always looking forward to home at the end of the day. I mean that’s what marriage is all about right? Sharing food, making memories and telling each other about our long days. Then cuddling up and falling asleep next to the person you can’t live without!

Marriage and home ✔


As summer was coming to an end, I still had one more memory to make before the season let out!

Summer is my favorite season, my wedding anniversary is in the summer and so is my birthday! I wanted to make this one special, after all you only turn 24 once!

So I started to plan my end of the summer party in August. I planned on spending it with friends, family and loved ones enjoying company, laughter and grown up drinks! 😏 Only, hubby didn’t think the “drink” part was a good idea… he knew something I didn’t.

It was at that moment, a few days before my birthday that I’d even considered the possibility of a family addition! But that was not on my agenda, I was turning 24!! The night was young and so was I, so a celebration is what I had!

On that night something just seemed different, I couldn’t stop hearing my husband’s overprotective words. “Maybe you shouldn’t be drinking”, what a bummer.


I spent the rest of my birthday weekend rethinking and reliving the weekend of July 10th 2018, my 2 year wedding anniversary. By thinking I really mean “worrying”.

If I could think back to summer of 2018, it was full of fun, self care and free spirited freedom! Yet I kept thinking, what if all that is about to come to an end because of one night! That darn anniversary night!

My husband and I had spent the evening over dinner at a nice restaurant. We shared dessert and 2 lime margaritas, just normal fun adult stuff right? But is that night, also the night we created our future love child???

“Well it’s in God’s hands now”, I thought.

POSITIVE Affirmation

Monday came and the weekend was over. Back to “normal” weekday life, except that day was the beginning of a new normal, or not so normal in our househohousehold. Let’s just say a quick trip to target gave us a quick answer to the question we’d deep down inside already known the answer to.

Even though we already had a feeling it was true (or in this case the correct term might be “positive”), surprise is still what we were felt with.

That little ounce of doubt, no matter how big or small means something until you physically SEE that blue + or double pink line. For me it was a tiny, little word across a tiny, little screen that read “pregnant” in black print that placed me on my emotional roller coaster.

Sharing the BIG news

After sharing the news with my, also very emotional (even though he tried to hide it) husband. I didn’t really know how to feel, all I knew is that I needed to feel something. This wasn’t how I expected or wanted to react after learning such big news. So why can’t I feel anything right now, for myself, for my baby in the making or just at all?

Taking it all in!

So I packed a bag and went to the beach, 😁 my favorite place! It was beautiful that day, not very crowded, just quiet, warm sand, musical water, and a breeze, that was just the right amount of cool. It felt peaceful, and there it was, a sure feeling!

My trip to the beach was fulfilling. I invite you to read my post about it here and fully take in the beauty of how a trip to the beach can be trans-formative for anyone!

It was nice, I stayed for an hour or so before receiving a call from hubby with dinner plans. So I repackaged my bag and went home.

Celebrating our family addition

During dinner we talked. A couple of hours to register the big news was just what we needed before revisiting the conversation. We expressed to one another that we’d both felt nervous and anxious, yet happy and excited for our new addition.

Although we would have to make some alterations in life, we’d agreed that nothing else was more important to us. We were in love and we had so much of that love to share with our child.

Then at that moment, dinner turned into another celebration, not a wedding anniversary or a birthday but a celebration of a life changing happiness. August 13th began a new beginning!

The journey of a story that we share, embrace, learn from, and that we’re still creating each day!

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