Essential Oils – Top 5 Best Essential Oils

Essential Oils – Top 5 Best Essential Oils

Essential oils are pleasantly beneficial for a variety of reasons. Aromatherapy, cleaning, holistic health, hair, nails, skin and body care are just some of the many uses of essential oils. Along with their various benefits and uses, there are also many different types and scents to choose from. Knowing which essential oil to choose depends on your intended purpose of use.

My favorites are multi beneficial, making them perfect to have on hand for numerous reasons. Which also makes them great for someone trying essential oils for the first time and don’t know where to start. Here are my recommendations for the top 5 best essential oils!

1.Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil has too many great benefits to count. I find it most beneficial to my lifestyle for aromatherapy, healing, and hair growth stimulation. It is also safe for use around babies and children. In fact, since babies aren’t able to take medicines for cold or allergy remedies, I use peppermint oil as a healing agent.

Putting a few drops inside an oil difuser or humidifier can help clear congestion, constricted lungs and nasal airways. Adults can add a few drops of food grade peppermint to a hot tea to rid throat and chest pain or massage it into the neck and temples for headache relief.

For hair growth, adding peppermint essential oil to shampoo, conditioner or a carrier oil before scalp massages, can awaken hair follicles, encourage blood circulation and promote hair growth. Furthermore, it has a fresh, cool scent that is refreshing and feels great.

2. Orange Essential Oils

Orange essential oil is my favorite for its AMAZING smell, making it an attractive choice. Mixed with skin care products and applied in the morning, it can really help to boost your mood and energy levels. It’s the perfect pure/natural fragrance to add to hair skin and nail products, because it smells great, is an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and is packed with vitamin c. I often use it as a face mask to heal acne and reduce aging, as well as in my hair after styling, for a non-greasy shine and nice scent.

3. Lavender Essential Oils

Most people use lavender oil to treat depression, anxiety and sleep deprivation. This is due to its calming aroma and medicinal properties that promotes healthy well being. Additionally, it is also known to help relieve stress, headaches, eczema, nausea and menstrual cramps.

In preparation for the birth of my baby boy, I chose to pack lavender body wash and essential oil for the oil diffuser, to help me stay calm through the process. While I didnt have a chance to use the diffuser, I enjoyed the lavender bodywash more than I thought I would. It truly helped me to relax the night after giving birth.

I relied on it so heavily, that I even used lavender body wash for 3 months afterwards, to help me with new mom anxiety and avoid post-partum depression. Using the lavender oil in a difuser and inside the humidifier also helped my newborn sleep.

4. Lemon Essential Oils

Lemon essential oil is great for respiratory health, immunity, skin health and cleaning. Just like peppermint oil, when diffused into the air, lemon oil has wonderful healing properties. It can serve as a cough suppressant, pain relief and will even help fight off viruses, due to its antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition, lemon essential oil pairs well with honey and sugar for a refreshing face exfoliate. Much like an astringent, it promotes face tightening, fights acne, helps eliminate blemishes and lighten dark scars. Mixed with water, lemon oil serves as a chemical free, natural cleaning solution.

5. Chamomile Essential Oil

I love chamomile essential oil for it’s calming and focusing effect. It’s a definite work space aromatherapy oil. After a long day, if you want to relax or get into a calming mood, chamomile is the way to do it. I like to diffuse the oil in my home office, along with a cup a chamomile tea, just before writing or working. Doing so, helps me relax, focus and puts me in a positive mood.

In addition, chamomile essential oil is also popular for depression and anxiety relief. As well as, muscle pain relief and heart health. I like to think of this oil as a calming potion for the stressed mind and body.

Once you start your essential oil journey, you most likely will be happy you did. I encourage everyone to give them a try and sample a few. These are my top 5 favorite essential oils, but I also recommend trying more as well. You may find this A-Z GUIDE OF ESSENTIAL OILS helpful.

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