Celebrating Valentines Day With A Baby – Unique Date Night Ideas

Celebrating Valentines Day With A Baby – Unique Date Night Ideas

Celebrating valentines day with a baby or any romantic holiday can seem difficult when you don’t have access to a sitter and your are your baby’s main caregiver.

In the past, you may have spent the evening over a romantic dinner and a night alone with your partner, just the two of you. Now that you have a baby things will be a bit different, but you can still enjoy Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and date nights.

At least until your baby is older and you’re both comfortable with leaving your baby with a caregiver. For now you just have to think outside the box and introduce some new date night ideas.

You and your partner may enjoy trying something new and you’ll feel at ease knowing your baby is still under your care, comfortably. Here are a few ideas for celebrating valentines day with a baby.

Book a Romantic Hotel Suite

Although you’ll still be on baby duty majority of the day, once your baby goes to sleep, you still have the night to spend together. During this time you and your partner can enjoy dinner, exchange gifts and if the room has a hot tub, spend an hour in the tub while your baby is asleep.

When your baby is awake you can still enjoy time together as a family, get some photos of your baby in a Valentine’s day outfit and holding flowers. Watch a movie together, share strawberries and whipped cream, these are things your baby can enjoy also.

Book an at home couples massage

Find a traveling masseuse that can come to your home. Book it during baby’s nap/bed time or take turns caring for your baby while your partner gets a massage.

Another option could be to rent a massage table or use your bed, purchase warm massage oil and offer your partner a massage yourself. You can choose a quiet room in the house; light a candle, play some soft music, decorate with roses and aromatherapy, set up the baby monitor and make it extra special.

Go out for dinner

There are many nice restaurants that are baby friendly. Make a reservation in advance to avoid waiting in line with a baby and take your little one with you to dinner.

I suggest choosing a family restaurant that isn’t too quiet, or too loud. If it’s loud, your baby may get overwhelmed and if it’s too quiet, you may feel guilty when your baby cries. Do some research and find a nice, baby-friendly restaurant to plan a dinner date.

Indoor Candle Light Dinner

If you’d rather stay inside, ordering take out from your favorite restaurant is another great way to celebrate Valentine’s day with a baby. A candle light dinner is the perfect way to make the night special and intimate.

Have a glass of wine, dinner and dessert. Play some soft music and enjoy each other’s company when your little one is asleep. Otherwise, pull up a highchair and let your baby join you.

Breakfast/Brunch in Bed

Start Valentines Day off with a romantic gesture like breakfast in bed. A good idea would be to wake up an hour before the baby wakes and prepare a nice meal for your partner and deliver it to them in bed. Puree or slice up some fruit on the side for baby as well. Add a tray table with your partners favorite flower vase and wear a fancy apron. This a sweet, yet simple idea for celebrating valentines day with a baby.

Plan a Valentines Day Photo Session

What better way to make the day memorable than to capture the moment in a sweet photography session with your loved ones. After all, this will be your baby’s first valentine’s day and you and your partner’s first valentines day as parents.

Choose matching, color coordinated outfits and some romantic photo props and backdrops to make it sweet. Then afterwards, stop at the bakery to enjoy some treats to take home! This could be the perfect date idea for a unique, fun and memorable valentines day.

Host a Couples game night

There’s a chance, you aren’t the only parents searching for ways to celebrate valentines day with a baby or children. Host a couple’s game night at your home for a baby friendly event, everyone will enjoy. This way no one has to worry about finding a baby sitter.

Purchase some couples games, decorate and invite a few couples you know. Add finger foods, heart shaped cookies, red wine, and pink frozen drinks for a sweet night. You could even add a few gifts like roses, his and her mugs, robes or pillow cases, lotions, hand soaps or candles for the winning couples.

In Conclusion

Often, couples forget to invest time into their marriage or relationship once a baby is born. Valentines Day is a great way to show your partner you appreciate them and spend some much needed intimate time together. Celebrating Valentines Day with a baby can be fun and memorable for both you and your baby, if you plan it right.

Don’t miss out on a chance to celebrate another holiday with you loved ones. Even if only for a few hours, set aside some time to spend together, look nice, pick a gift and choose one of the date ideas above. It may be long overdo and, you deserve it!

Valentines Day is special, because it’s love that made your sweet baby. Babies are a product of love and you, your baby and your partner have earned a day to celebrate. So CELEBRATE!

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