Mielle Organics Product Review

Mielle Organics Product Review

Mielle Organics!

The way to a natural woman’s heart is through her hair product!

Mielle Organics is the BEST natural hair product line I’ve tried this far and here are 5 reasons why I recommend you try it!

My husband knew what he was doing when he casually walked in the bedroom with a bunch of Mielle hair products I thought nothing of it. “Oh thanks hun”, right before putting it away. BUT! On wash day… Let me just say, I was in LOVE!

Here’s my top 5 reasons why;

  1. It’s very RICH in texture, its thick, but not clumpy or heavy. It has just the right amount of moisture to leave my hair feeling and look soft and moist, but when I touch it, it’s not greasy!
  2. It dries quickly. Most natural hair products that I’ve found to be moisture rich, also seem to take FOREVER to dry, which in return leaves my twist-outs frizzy from not drying thoroughly. I haven’t had that problem with the Mielle leave in conditioner or curl cream, not even after applying to damp hair.
  3. Long lasting definition for days! Being natural is fun until you’re ready for bed, but you still have to spend 30 minutes re-twisting your hair so it will still look nice the next morning. With the Mielle Organics Curl Cream the results of my twist out were so defined, that I was able to just put it up before bed and it looked good the next day. I didn’t even have to sleep weird or do a pineapple wrap.
  4. Normally, after a shampoo or co-wash, I will put my hair in two-strand twist with a loose scrunchy and let it dry completely, before taking them out, applying my curl products and twisting it into the desired style I want. This helps stretch my natural hair while it’s drying. Mielle has minimal shrinkage and I applied it on saturated hair directly after getting out of the shower. As a mom of a very busy, little body, I don’t have time like I used to for hair styling, so being able to just apply this and not have to worry about shrinkage was a MAJOR plus++ for me!
  5. The single, most important factor of all is, NO HARSH CHEMICALS! Mielle Organics didn’t damage or dry my hair out, I noticed a difference in softness and appearance after just one wash day. The ingredients are safe to use, on all hair types including naturally curly hair.

I used a Pomegranate and Honey bundle set that included a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner (for Type 4 hair), curl cream and edge gel. I purchased a set like this one here, but products are also sold separately for anyone who wants to try it out before use. I recommend trying the Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Cream first, it smells amazing and delivers great results.

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