Baby Blender for the WIN!

Baby Blender for the WIN!

Baby food maker!

I am sooo happy with our new investment, seriously! We decided to try out Nuby Garden Fresh Baby Food Maker! To test it out, I meal prepped on a Sunday for Noah, bananas and oats for breakfast, and sweet potatoes and carrots for dinner this week…When I say making his food from scratch was a HUGE difference it’s really an understatement.

Everything about it, the consistency, the taste, freshness, the smell all that!!! Noah LOVED it 10x better, he enjoyed roasted sweet potato puree with a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg for dinner and feeding him was not the slightest bit of a hassle today, I was honestly jealous that he didn’t leave any for me!

Making it wasn’t hard at all and I can give him what ever I want and handpicked, organic from the farmers market. The oats I’ll be mixing with his breast milk in the morning, BUT I really just wanted to say, I am completely turned off from store bought baby food at this point, even the “organic stuff” and the Gerber oatmeal.

I know people say things like “y’all had rice cream and shelf food growing and you were fine”, or ” you’re just a new mom”, but ignore it, do ya kid a heartfelt favor and make their baby food organic, fresh, at home and with love! It’s worth purchasing the baby blender and taking the trip to the farmers market.

Both myself and my husband had been feeling some way about the shelf baby food along with the posts and news stories we’d been hearing, so we had to make a choice and are SO glad we did! For now on we’ll be making home made baby food with our new baby blender!

You can get the same one I am using off Amazon by following the link above!

Another alternative to this baby blender is the Baby Bullet brand which is very popular in reviews, but I personally have not tried it, you can get this off amazon also here! Although these blenders are highly recommended for baby food preparation, any blender will also work fine, just be sure to wash and sanitize, allowing all parts to dry completely before use!

Have you tried this baby food maker or another brand? Comment your favorite choice below!

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