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As a 27 year old mother of a sweet baby boy (Noah Jay). For as long as I can remember, whenever asked “what in life makes you happy”, I could never think of any word(s) to describe what a lifetime of happiness meant. After giving birth to Noah, I started to get a grasp on what true happiness felt like. My husband of 5 years and partner of 10 years has always been the apple of my eye. I’m a woman of fantasy, I like to believe that true love and fairy tales are real, we just have to create them. Surely I was happy being married to the love of my life and being surrounded by family and friends, yet….there was still something missing. 

On April 11th, 2019 my puzzle FINALLY felt complete, but oh did the story just began to take a turn. Although I am still very much, the optimistic, vibrant, fun and loving ME; (who enjoys dancing, shopping, playing “The Sims 4”, and loves waterfalls, beaches, summertime and family time), becoming a new mom has changed me for the better! Now, I can add caring for Noah, writing articles and sharing mom-blog, posts to my list of “things I love to do”! Follow my blog journey and understand what change and becoming a new mom meant for me, as I continue to CREATE what used to be “my” but is now “OUR” story.

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