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Who said moms aren’t allowed to have fun? Having a baby may alter the way you once spent your weekend, but becoming a mom opens up a new world of ideas. I underestimated just how much fun my “mom friends” were having, until I became a mom myself. Now, I’m often searching for and discovering new ways to go out and enjoy myself, even when I am on “mom duty”. I’ve created a list of things to do throughout the year with your little one. Here are 10 places to go with a baby!

1. Indoor Aquarium

Places to go with a baby

Aquariums are fun and age appropriate for the whole family, which is why it’s one of the best places to go with a baby. Your little one will enjoy exploring the sea life and you can capture some great photos to last a lifetime. It doesn’t matter what season it is, because it’s indoors, the aquarium is great year round.

2. Visit the Museum

Museum w

The museum is another year-round place to visit with your baby, no matter the season. With much to do at the museum, you can take a tour or just visit some of the museum attractions and exhibits. There may even be interactive, hands on attractions for your baby to try out.

3. Indoor Playgrounds

Indoor Playgrounds

Indoor playgrounds are tons of fun. Try to find one with a play area for babies that allows them to crawl, climb and explore. Some indoor playgrounds have sensory rooms, designed for babies. Plan to go during a week day when older kids are in school, that will allow your little one more space to explore, without worrying of overcrowds.

4. Botanical Gardens

Baby at the garden

Gardens are more of a spring, summer and early fall venue to visit. They are perfect for sight seeing and capturing memories, as well as, getting out of the home for an uplifting experience. Your baby will enjoy the bright colors and scenery.

5. Mommy and Me Classes

Mommy and Baby at the pool

Mommy and me classes are beneficial in many ways. Whether you just want to get out of the house, or brush up on a skill/fitness class, these classes are the great way to do it. The most common types of mommy and me classes are recreational like; fitness/yoga, swimming and arts and crafts. Although, there are also parenting classes like baby wearing and breastfeeding.

6. Library

Library with a baby

Most libraries have weekly kid activities like story time. If your baby enjoys reading with you, they may also enjoy group storytelling, with other babies and children. Let someone else do the reading, while you enjoy a cup of coffee and treats the staff usually provide. This is another place to visit during any season.

7.Butterfly Conservatory

Butterfly Conservatory

Similar to the Botanical Gardens, the Butterfly Conservatory is best in the spring and summer. It’s another venue to visit if you are looking for an uplifting, scenic experience. The beautiful scenery and butterflies are sure to capture your baby’s attention and allow you to capture the moment. Seeing your little one bright eyed, smiling and laughing, reaching for butterflies, will brighten anyone’s day.

8. Park Picnic

Picnic with baby

Planning a trip to the park is best in good weather. It’s very relaxing and your baby will enjoy seeing new things, out of the home. All you need is a blanket, snacks, toys/books and sunscreen, and you’ve got the perfect picnic basket.

9. The Mall

Mall with a baby

Retail therapy is very REAL! With that being said, a trip to the mall can be very therapeutic for a mom and her baby. Going to the mall can be a breath of fresh air, when planning to go for leisure. Your baby will have a chance to be around more people, which can help with stranger anxiety, as well as, enjoy the stroll through the mall in his stroller.

There’s so much going on that it’s sure to be a distraction for your little one, though not too loud that they may actually find it relaxing and take a nap. Some malls have play areas you can take your baby to explore and play with other babies, just be sure to pack wipes and sanitize any toy your baby chooses to play with.

10. The Zoo

Baby at the zoo

Going to the zoo can be a fun learning experience for your little one. Help your baby discover their favorite animal, by visiting different attractions and naming the animals.You may also enjoy the feeding stations and petting farm. If you get tired of walking there are trolleys to ride on and if your baby becomes overwhelmed with the outdoors, try vising the indoor animal attractions.

Plan to go early in the day, as well as, a day that has nice weather. Dress your baby appropriately and make it a family trip. The zoo is always hosting kid-friendly special events, so check the website to see what’s happening.

Create Lasting Memories

The best part of taking trips with your little one, is creating memories and bonding over a great time. Once your baby becomes acquainted with going places and being away from home, outings may become even more fun and often. As they get older, you’ll find that there are many more places to go with a baby. Try a few scenes and see what your little one enjoys.

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