10 Beauty Hacks for Busy Moms, Quick and Easy!

My favorite Beauty Hacks and Tips for busy moms and moms on a budget!

When did being a mom become a \”look\”? I mean seriously, have you ever been told \”you look like a mom\”, or told someone that you\’re rocking the \”mom look\” today? For a freshman college student, a \”messy bun\” is considered cute, but for a mom, people will usually make the assumption that you\’re just simply \”too tired\” to do anything else. That may be actually true, but today I am gonna share with you 10 beauty hacks for the \”busy mom\” or as others would say, the \”tired mom\”.

Whether you\’re a mom with a busy schedule, or a mom on a budget, self care can seem like an important, yet difficult task. Especially for a mom with little time to get things done. After running behind tiny, little humans all day, cooking and cleaning, self care can quickly and ironically become a chore! When taking a nap or sitting in a quite room sounds more appealing than a trip to the nail shop, wax parlor or hair salon, it\’s time for some much needed beauty hacks.

Not only will these tips save you time, they will also save you money and are great, even if you\’re not a mom. Grab a note pad/pen and say good bye to chipped paint, messy buns and hairy legs!

Beauty Hack #1: Clip Ins

There are literally clip-ins for almost every hair texture! There was a point in my life (before I had a son) where I would\’ve most likely, looked past wearing clip in hair extensions. Until, my sister in law recommended that I try some. They looked so natural and undetectable on her that I decided I had to give them a try. Not only did I love the look, but they were SO convenient and easy to install!

I will never, NOT have a go-to hairstyle. I was able to do many different styles; including ponytails, twist outs, half up-half down, front/side bangs and more. Basically I would style the clip ins, exactly as I would with my own hair, just without the hassle of making sure my hair was detangled and twisted the night before to get a defined curl. It was cheap and took me 5-15 minutes, depending on the style.

Beauty Hack #2: Spray on Lotion

Who knew they even invented such a thing? I\’ve gone many days dry and ashy after rushing to get to my baby right after the shower. If you have a small child or infant, there\’s a time limit for everything! With this spray a little goes a long way and lasts a long time. Spray it all over at once, rub it in, and move on! There are many different brands but I really like the Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Lotion.

Beauty Hack #3: Roll On Wax

No more depilatory spatulas, (also known as, Popsicle sticks). NOBODY, not a mom, not an esthetician, NO ONE has time for that! These roll on wax sticks are genius. Save time and money from going to the wax parlor every month, and do your own waxing in the comfort of your own home. Invest in a wax warmer and with these roll on cartridges, it should take you no time to wax your own legs once a month! They even come in different flavors and scents, are inexpensive, and safe for use on all body parts. My favorite is the white chocolate.

Beauty Hack #4: UV Gel Lamp

As much as I love a trip to the nail salon as a chance to get away and relax, while getting a fresh mani and pedi, sometimes I just do not have time! Somewhere between caring for my little one, cooking, cleaning and working, I forget to schedule time for ME. Luckily I learned to polish my own nails and purchased a uv gel lamp. Now, I don\’t have to worry about ruining my paint before it dries, waiting 30 minutes (that I do not have) for them to dry, or leaving my home. I get long lasting, shellac nail polish that looks just as nice as the salon does them.

Beauty Hack #5: Sexy Nursing Bras/Tanks

This one, your hubby or partner will be sure to love. Breastfeeding can come with many challenges, including finding the perfect, comfortable, easy access nursing bra. I\’m guilty of purchasing most of the comfortable nursing bras and tanks, not even noticing how unappealing they are.

Breastfeeding can be uncomfortable at times, especially in the beginning weeks. That\’s why I was so happy when I found this comfortable AND sexy nursing bra. They\’re just like all the other nursing tops except, now your partner can enjoy seeing you in it. They\’re so cute and comfy that you can feel and look great at the same time!

Beauty Hack #6: Flexi Rods

This one I discovered, when looking for styles that would lessen the amount of heat I use on my hair. My curls never last longer than a day, I always end up having to wake up, plug in my curling irons and restyle my hair every morning.

Now, I\’ve found that taking 10 minutes to put a few of these flexi rods in at night actually saves me much more time in the morning. My hair basically curls itself over night. In the morning, it only takes a few minutes to take them out and have a head full of curls! It\’s a healthy, cute and less time consuming way of curling and styling your hair.

Beauty Hack #7: All in one makeup palette

A compact make up palette that has everything you need for a full face or few quick fixes. It includes 8 eye shadows, mascara, lip liner, lip gloss, concealing powder, highlighter and bronzer!

I\’ve never been the type to spend hours on my make up for any event or occasion, but I do enjoy enhancing some features of my appearance. Although I have less time to spend getting ready in the morning, I find myself wanting to wear make up more now, than I did before having my son. Sometimes it\’s to hide the tiredness around my eyes and other times, getting dolled up just puts me in a great mood to start my day off.

Either way, I had to find a way to apply my make up quick and inexpensively and this make up palette was everything I needed. I like to keep one in my purse, for last minute occasions, and one at home. Also check out mommy make up store!

Beauty Hack#8: Braids

Braids take quite a bit of time to style, but once they\’re in you never have to touch them again! Well at least not for 4-8 weeks. Braids are known for being the best get up and go style. This is great for moms that can leave the children with dad for a few hours, in exchange for a hairstyle that\’ll last weeks! Not to mention, they\’re cute and and can be styled in various different ways.

Beauty Hack #9 Crochet

An alternative to waiting long hours for braids, is a crochet hair style. This is another get up and go hairstyle, that can be styled in different ways, but can also save you time and money. Crochet hairstyles are cheaper than braids and takes less time to do.

Beauty Hack#10: Coconut Oil

How in the world can coconut oil save me time and money as a beauty hack?? Simple you use it for EVERYTHING! Coconut oil has so many great benefits and is a natural hair/skin moisturizer. It\’s also used for oil pulling, nails, cuticles, is safe for baby, and around the house cooking/cleaning. It\’s a beauty in itself!

If you found these beauty hacks to be helpful, comment below and let me know!

Know some beauty hacks of your own you\’d like to share? Comment below and let us know!

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